Team Week is over - and it was a smashing success.

The results:

Challenge 1: Largest Team (fundraising team members: cyclists or Super Spokes crew members)

  • THE WINNER: Deloitte Cycling with 45 cyclists
  • Runner Up #1: PricewaterhouseCoopers with 42 fundraisers (41 cyclist & 1 Super Crew)
  • Runner Up #2: KPMG with 37 fundraisers (36 cyclists & 1 Super Crew) 
Challenge 2: Highest Fundraising Team
  • THE WINNER: KPMG with $22,400
  • Runner Up #1: Babes and Babe Magnets on Bikes with $9,825
  • Runner Up #2: Deloitte Cycling with $7,972
Challenge 3: EVERY TEAM MEMBER (fundraising) YOU REGISTER THIS WEEK will give your team one raffle ticket for a chance to win
  • THE WINNER: Deloitte Cycling with 14 new cyclists
  • Runner Up #1: PricewaterhouseCoopers with 9 new cyclists
  • Runner Up #2: Team Trust with 8 new cyclists
Each Challenge winner will receive the opportunity to rent a team cabin at the start/finish/overnight at Meadowkirk. If a team declines the cabin, it will be offered to the next runner up.

Super sneaky bonus challenge: Team that registers the most volunteers last week
  • THE WINNER: Deloitte Cycling, who will be enjoying a $25 gift certificate to Red Hot & Blue!
CONGRATULATIONS to all teams who increased their team size or fundraising last week. Remember, we have six weeks until Bike MS - now's the time to kick your training, recruiting, and fundraising into high gear!
Ashlee & the Bike MS team

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