Team Week Update

Greetings Captains, Team Members, et al.

Team Week is in full swing, and if there was ever a time to recruit team members and raise the dough - THIS IS THE WEEK!

Current standings:
(a second update will be posted here on Thursday)
Challenge 1: Largest Team (fundraising team members: cyclists or Super Spokes crew members)

  1. KPMG with 37 members
  2. Pricewaterhouse Coopers with 34 members
  3. Deloitte Cycling with 31 members
Challenge 2: Highest Fundraising Team

  1. KPMG with $19,630.00 (***see below to learn about one piece of their success)
  2. Babes and Babe Magnets on Bikes with $11,330.00
  3. Dell with $6,075.00
Challenge 3: EVERY TEAM MEMBER (fundraising) YOU REGISTER THIS WEEK will give your team one raffle ticket for a chance to win

  1. Ernst & Young with 3 registered fundraising members so far this week
  2. TIE:
    1. KPMG with 1 registered fundraising member
    2. Pricewaterhouse Coopers with 1 registered fundraising member

We told you that we'd throw you a few surprises this week!

This event takes LOTS of wonderful, dedicated, kind, helpful VOLUNTEERS. Thus, your challenge is to have the most VOLUNTEERS on your team by the end of the week. We're looking for people who can lend a hand for a few hours (volunteers), or both days (crew members), or both day crew members that are also fundraising ($300 minimum - SUPER SPOKES CREW MEMBERS). More information about volunteering is on our website at: http://bikedcw.nationalmssociety.org/site/PageServer?pagename=BIKE_DCW_Volunteer

What's the prize? How about a $25 gift certificate to RED HOT & BLUE! Use the gift to fill your tent with tasty BBQ and all the fixins. (If you win, you also have to host and feed me. Congratulations).

*****KPMG's fundraising secret (shhhh - don't tell them!)
So KPMG has already raised close to $20,000. Pretty awesome, eh?

Their success is for MANY reasons (including rockin' captains Jeff & Lindsey), but one reason is because KPMG has decided to become a Bike MS sponsor, AND that sponsorship also counts towards their team total.

Another update on Thursday - keep pushing and good luck!

- Ashlee & the Bike MS team

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